About Us

My name is Tiffany Anthony (married name Lamothe.) I am an entrepreneur, photographer, and graphic designer, and stay-at-home Mom.

In 1998 I started a web community called CarbHealth. It was aimed at providing low-carb-dieters a place to research the various plans, get recipes, and join a community of like-minded health-conscious peers. The site won recognition in USA Today, and several books by popular authors.

In 2003, I launched a spin-off indie print magazine from that site, called "CarbHealth Magazine." The magazine, funded simply by a few small advertisements and a small subscription fee, ran for 18 issues, until I sold it to a major magazine publisher. I was Editor-in-Chief, Author, Graphic Designer, Subscription Manager, Layout Designer, and Marketing Director. (In short - everything.) Content was submitted by doctors, famous book authors, and we even featured an interview with newsman Josh Manciewicz.

As I did that I also worked a full-time marketing job an hour away, and maintained an entertainment blog called "TVTiff," which had a small feature in Rolling Stone Magazine for posts about American Idol contestants. I had a lot going on!

I have worked in the IT field, most notably IBM. I have been Media Director at several web directory companies, and worked closely in designing web sites and print advertisements for wholesalers.

Once I started a family, I "retired" to do my own thing.

I was an online retailer of wedding supplies for several years. I won an award from WeddingWire in 2006, and had a successful blog where wholesalers contributed content. I closed the business in 2010, as brides started to trend towards DIY weddings to save money.

I was a Paparazzi consultant years ago (was one of the first 43,000.) I didn't work the business as I should have, and felt depressed and unsucessful - so I quit.

I rejoined now because I realized how much I missed it, and that quitting should never be an option for a woman. We are resilient, wonderful beings that need to always remember that we CAN do something if we put our minds to it. Paparazzi is a really fun company. The facebook groups are incredibly motivating, caring  and helpful. You're never alone.

Upon rejoining, I was able to find a consultant underneath my original upline, who was such an amazing inspiration to consultants at all levels. Being on her team again is a dream-come-true. My new Sponsor is amazing too. She made Director within her first month, and offers everyone on her team so much nurturing.

My goal is for you to feel that way about me as well! I will be available every step of the way. You can text me, call me, message me on facebook, email me - whatever works best for you.

I struggled the first time around, so now I know the warning signs towards pitfalls, and know how to inspire the motivation and excitement necessary to build this into something huge.

Helping you succeed isn't for my monetary gain - it's for empowering fellow women. We deserve to be seen as the strong, independent, beautiful creations that we are. Please let me help you see that person in you!

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The Blingstress is a resource for Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultants. It is NOT an official site or affiliated in any way to the Paparazzi company.