Can You Make Money with Paparazzi?

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A lot of women have asked the question, Can You Really Make Money Selling Paparazzi Accessories? The answer is YES. Even if you don't like to party, or are too shy to go around town passing your business card to everyone you see on the street, you can still be very successful.

Paparazzi never pushes you to recruit a team. Of course, doing so will make you more money, but it is not necessary to succeed in the business. While many MLMs (some are known as Pyramid Schemes,) do push you to recruit, Paparazzi Accessories puts more focus on YOU and YOUR GOALS. They are NOT a pyramid scheme.

Paparazzi Accessories offers the highest profit rate in the direct sales industry. 45%. What?!?!? You make the profit immediately at the time of sale (through your home inventory.) No need to wait for commission checks. You pre-buy the jewelry at wholesale cost, stock it yourself, and can sell from behind your computer screen if you're a hermit like me.

Or... you can lead your customers to your FREE personal Paparazzi web site and not stock anything. No credit card processing fees or subscriptions!

So, let's look at the profit and the way you get it.

You buy a starter kit. The $99 kit contains everything needed to get started. 35 pieces of jewelry (retail value $175,) display items, party planner, order forms, bags, and more. There's no need to go buy anything else from them at that point. You just get right to the selling.The immediate profit if you sell those items is 76% ($76.)

As you start selling (and sometimes it'll be instantly when you open your kit!,) you may choose to re-invest some of that money into more jewelry. You can do so at your own pace. Or just buy yourself some jewlery at wholesale. You choose how/where to go from there. No pushy gimmick to force you to buy.

You buy the accessories at $2.75 wholesale, plus tax & shipping. You sell the jewelry for $5 or more. (Never under $5.) Since you paid the tax up-front, you have the choice of whether or not you want to charge your customer to recoup it. However, remember that if you do collect sales tax, you DO need to file it with your state (usually quarterly.) 

You can sell the jewelry on facebook, at flea markets, on your own personal web site, etc. If you don't want to stock any jewelry, you can just use the web site they give you (FOR FREE!,) and then collect your cut once they tally it up.

The best way to make money, is obviously through parties. But a party doesn't have to be live in person at someone's home. You can run very successful parties on facebook. 

One of the best ways to sell jewelry on facebook is to host "live" shows. You go live with items you pick out of your inventory and show it off. Assign a number to each item and tell people to comment "SOLD #" to claim it. You can also invite people that missed the live to shop afterwards if you have anything left. Don't want to be on camera? Then don't. You can show off the jewelry any way you'd like.

So what's different about Paparazzi?

The number one difference between this company and other jewelry MLM's is the price point. But there are plenty of other great contrasts.

1. New items are released every weekday! You can build excitement for your customers because items sometimes sell out within minutes. Paparazzi doesn't offer millions of pieces for each style. They release small amounts to keep the inventory versatile and fast-moving. It becomes addictive for you and your customers, as like an auction, you want to quickly get the item before anyone else.

2. The items are exclusive. You won't find the same jewelry at your local store. Sure, you can get similarly-priced products at Forever 21, but they'll never be the same as Paparazzi, and they'll never be a stale style.

3. There are no catalogs. Many DS plans offer print catalogs for your customers to shop. You'll find with those, that people who feel obligated to buy from you, will choose the cheapest product in the catalog. And then pay ridiculous shipping charges to wait weeks for their purchase to arrive. Your customers will be so excited to touch, try on, and purchase their products right then and there. Or to watch you showing it off on a live show. Plus, you don't need to buy new catalogs or samples every season, or put little stickers over discontinued items.

4. If you choose to build a team, you'll get a commission when they join, and for all of their orders. Also for anyone that joins under them. It's not a huge slice of the pie, (mainly because the products are only $2.75 at wholesale,) BUT it is certainly income nonetheless. Necessary? Nope. Nice? Yup.

What is the company all about?

The founders, sisters Misty and Chani, and their husbands, started the business selling hair accessories locally. They decided it was so successful that they should expand. So they started their company.

Their main claim to fame is empowering women. Letting women know they don't have to break the bank to accessorize, but also that they can gain confidence and long-term friendships through the business.

Paparazzi has changed a lot over the years. When they started out, you simply bought a giant box of stuff from them and were then completely on your own. After a while, they started selling smaller packages and helping their customers succeed. Once word got around, they turned into a successful MLM rivaling companies like Chloe + Isabel, Premier Designs, Lia Sophia, etc. Their up-game was that they didn't sell jewelry for $50. They kept the retail price point at $5. Who can't afford that? You could buy 10 pieces for the price of 1!!

The company grew immensely. Now there are 200K consultants acorss the USA, and many consultants making 6 figures. Can everyone make $100K+? No. But with the right drive, enthusiasm, and clients, you can certainly give it a shot.

There is no right way or wrong way to pursue a Paparazzi business. As long as you price the product $5 or above, and don't sell on ebay, you're otherwise in control. You get to decide how, when, where, and why you sell the jewelry.

But beware - $5 jewelry is an addiction. You'll find yourself anxiously drooling over the new product releases every day. (You can even sign up for notification texts as soon as the new stuff is up!) And if even just for yourself, where else will you get awesome accessories for $2.75???

Are the products Hypoallergenic?

Most jewelry allergies are caused by nickel. Paparazzi prides itself in offering products that are lead-free and nickel-free. This helps you sell earrings, especially.

How Do I Join? 

If you have any questions about the business, please feel free to contact me, (Tiffany.) tiffany @

If you're ready to take the plunge and get started right away, you can sign up through me. I will be your sponsor, and help you in any way I possibly can. There is no I in TEAM. The great thing about Paparazzi is that we aren't competing with eachother. Everyone has different styles and products. 









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9 July, 2018

Can You Make Money with Paparazzi?

A lot of women have asked the question, Can You Really Make Money Selling Paparazzi Accessories?  The answer is YES. Even if you don't like to party, or are too shy to go around town passing...
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