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    No. The Blingstress is completely independent of Paparazzi Accessories. We are simply creating a community for Independent Consultants to share tips, graphics, videos, and blogs. This is an unofficial site, and any opinions or instructions expressed here are not in any way associated with the Paparazzi Accessories company. This site was created by an unofficial entity as a resource to help consultants succeed with their business.



    The Blingstress generates affiliate revenue when you purchase products from this site. Items such as domain names, displays, graphic design, bling bags, and more. That affiliate income pays for the site's hosting, bandwidth, and design. (So, pretty please purchase through links you find here on-site to help out.) Thanks!




    Yes! If you create graphics, we'd love to share them for you. However, they must be YOUR work, and they cannot include the Paparazzi logo, or copywritten images.

    Soon, you'll be able to register for your very own FREE blog account. And a live streaming video platform will be launched in the coming months, where you'll be able to sell here like you do on facebook live!



    Paparazzi Accessories is a company providing empowerment for women through financial gain, entrepreneurship, and support.

    Products include necklaces with free earrings, bracelets, rings, Mens, Kids, and hair accessories.

    Everything sells for $5, so both consultants and customers can have fun and look great, without the guilt!




    No way! If you want to just sell things yourself, you are free to do so. You'll be much more successful by building a team under you, but it is certainly NOT required.

    These products are for empowering women to grow a jewelry business, make new friends, and feel confident in their financial situation. This company is not about making you broke.

    Paparazzi Accessories sells you the products at wholesale, as an Independent Consultant, so you always have product on hand to sell as cash and carry. The accessories sell themselves, and you even get a FREE replicated web site to sell on, if you choose not to do parties or events.

    There is never any pressure put on consultants to sign people up, or to buy a certain amount of product each month. YOU decide how you want to build your business.

    Your starter kit has pre-selected products, but after that you are free to select your own product to sell. AND... new jewelry is released every weekday around 4:00pm EST. What other company puts out new product every day?!?!?



    Why Buy It?

    Because pampering yourself shouldn't mean emptying your wallet! The products are trendy and beautiful.

    You can have your product from your local consultant, IMMEDIATELY. With cash & carry consultant inventory, you don't need to flip through a catalog and wait weeks to receive your pricey order.

    Everything is $5 each! How easy is that? That's less expensive than a Starbucks coffee!!!!!!

    Why Sell It?

    The number one thing that you need to know about Paparazzi Accessories is that the product sells itself. 

    There are many direct sales companies out there. Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Chloe + Isabel, Partylite, Pink Zebra, Avon, various bath and beauty, etc.  Many (if not all,) of them charge you a monthly fee for having a web site! They also charge you for using tools to grow your business. As catalogs become outdated, they require you to buy more. As scents become outdated, they require you to buy new samples. And... the customer rarely gets to see the product they want, because you can't afford to have samples of everything!!

    With Paparazzi, there are no catalogs. Either you buy the products to sell from home inventory, or you direct customers to shop from your FREE web site. If you offer cash & carry, customers get to see, hold, try on, and fall in love with the jewelry, AND avoid shipping costs, long waits for the product to arrive, and even avoid paying tax on their purchase. If they shop from your FREE web site, they do pay shipping and tax. But you will probably find that cash & carry works best, since it's immediate gratification.

    Some direct sales companies don't allow you to sell their products at flea markets, on external web sites, or even on facebook! Paparazzi doesn't hold you back. Use the marketing channels you think will be most successful (except Ebay or Craig's List.)



    Paparazzi Accessories products are Lead-Free and Nickel-Free. Nickel is usually the allrgen. Some people may be sensitive to the mixed metals used, (alloys,) but 99% of people aren't.

    Everyone has a different chemical make-up. Some skin is oily, some dry. Some super sensitive, while others can wear anything.

    Sweat, soap, lotions, water, and other environmental factors play a role in how jewelry responds to you, and how you respond to it.

    If you find that you're turning green, it's not because it's "cheapo" jewelry. It's just your chemical composition. 

    Tip: If you put a coating of a high quality clear nailpolish on the jewelry, it will not turn your skin colors, AND it will help protect the metals and stones from degradation!



    You can contact The Blingstress via email or text.

    You can go to the Paparazzi Accessories web site and choose "opportunities" to see what it's all about and enroll.

    You can find a local consultant to ask.



    You cannot sell Paparazzi Accessories for less than $5, but you can certainly sell them for more. Usually, the higher pricing is for compensating profit during fundraisers. You can also charge tax to reimburse yourself the tax you paid when you bought the product. (But remember to file that with your state!)

    As long as you sell at $5 or above, you're in compliance. 

    * There are 2 exceptions to the $5 rule. That is with childrens' jewelry. Starlight Shimmer products are priced differently than adult jewelry and accessories. Zi Collection products are $25 retail.




    You know those silicone packets you get in new shoe boxes or purses? Throw them into your jewelry box to absorb moisture.

    You can also use chalk in that same way.

    Avoid soaps, lotions, liquids, sprays, and excessive sweat.

    Don't ever use ultrasonic cleaners, liquid jewelry cleaners, or water to clean your jewelry. A simple polishing cloth works just fine.


    Zi Collection is Paparazzi Accessories’ line of statement pieces. Bigger, Bolder, Blingier jewelry. It costs more than the usual $5, but is so beautiful, your customers won’t hesitate to grab some!

    The collection used to be exclusive to consultants that attended the yearly convention, but is now available to all.


The Blingstress is a resource for Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultants. It is NOT an official site or affiliated in any way to the Paparazzi company.


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