Become a Consultant


When you see that you can buy $5 accessories, and that every time you wear them, you get compliments, you'll want to dive in.

Customers become the best consultants because they know the product and believe in it. Anyone can try to sell jewelry, but when your passion for the product shows, it sells itself.



Paparazzi Accessories is different than other direct sales companies.

As a Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant you:

  • don't pay for your replicated web site.
  • don't have to order new catalogs every season.
  • don't have to meet ridiculous sales requirements.
  • don't have to even leave your couch to sell the product.
  • don't feel guilty asking friends to come party with you for pricey products they feel obligated to buy.
  • don't have to keep track of different prices of items.
  • don't pay fees to process credit cards through the direct sales company's pre-selected processor.
  • don't have to file quarterly state sales tax forms (*unless you charge it from your customers.) You pay your sales tax up-front when you buy the product, unlike other companies that charge no tax on their wholesale products and then leave all of the filing work to you.
  • don't have to worry about the product offering becoming stale. (new products are added every weekday!)
  • don't have to have a party running to sell from your replicated site.
  • don't have to stress over product returns.
  • don't have to avoid flea markets.
  • don't have to alienate other consultants. (Paparazzi is a TEAM, and fellow consultants all want to see eachother succeed.)
  • don't have to push the higher-priced items to make a better commission. (All products have the same retail pricepoint, and your profit is always the same.)
  • don't have to recruit others. (It's always great to have a team of gal-pals to share your passion with, but if you never recruit a single consultant, you still make a fantastic income.)
  • will always have fresh and trendy items that are relevant. They won't be collecting dust in a corner for lack of sale. (And - you get first dibs on all of the best pieces for your own collection!)
  • don't have to stock items if you only want to sell through your replicated site.
  • can use facebook to do live sale broadcasts (*this site will be offering live BlingVids in the coming months.)
  • get lots of free bling along the way. Orders of certain amounts get freebies, and Fashion Fix subscribers get extra Exclusive bling. (You even get freebies for your birthday!! What other company does that????)
  • get free displays, order forms, bags, goal plans, loyalty punch cards, extra exclusive items, and much more in your welcome kit!
  • can hit the ground running. Open your welcome kit live online or at an un-boxing party at your home. Get the excitement building before the package arrives! Show your customers (and potential customers,) that they get first dibs on what's in the box!

Did I mention that you don't have to break the bank to join? How could I forget that?

There are 3 different kit options, starting at $99.

Some sponsors may push you to the higher level kits so they can get a bigger commission, but I know from my own experience that the $99 kit is more attainable, and just the right amount of pieces to sell right away. Some other consultants feel that the more you buy, the better you'll do. Success isn't about quantity, it's about quality. Don't overwhelm yourself with a huge box of stuff and feel pressured to quickly move it. Start small and you'll feel less pressure, more excitement, and when the product flies out of your box, then you can buy more. At your own pace.

I would love to have you on my team! We can do wonders together.

Contact me, or go sign up right now!



The Blingstress is a resource for Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultants. It is NOT an official site or affiliated in any way to the Paparazzi company.