Invoicing, Payments, Taxes

When you run a small business, or work as an Independent Consultant or contractor,  you are responsible for everything. Tracking your orders, your inventory, your sales tax, the tax you charge customers, your overhead, your profits, etc. What can you write off as business expenses?

This can all seem overwhelming, but it shouldn't be. There are some great tools out there to make it less scary. 

While some people prefer to use PayPal for all of their transactions, you may want to invoice your customers through Square, Quickbooks, Amazon Payments, Google Payments, or some other avenue. Remember that some of them 

My favorite is Quickbooks. I even use it to track my inventory! I scan my receipts into it, accept payments through it so they are auto-logged for me, and it rolls everything up at the end of the year so I don't have to go crazy finding everything.

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