Product Photography

Paparazzi Accessories makes stock photography available for consultants to advertise their products. These are great, but sometimes it might be better to take your own photos.

Here are some examples:

Would you have known how absolutely stunning this filigree looks if I hadn't taken a pic with my phone? I didn't even use my macro lens - it just screams out detail. No need for a fancy camera or backdrop. Just took the pic on my couch.

The stock photo makes it look bland, and shows no actual close-up of the heart. Sure, you get to see chain length and heart size against someone's body, but do you really know what you're getting? Some pieces really need that extra viewpoint. Especially in this case.


What about when you have coordinating items? Making a pic collage of stock photos seems the best route, right? NO. Showing the items together works much better.



Now notice how a product grouping can look so much better than a group of stock photos when selling a Fashion Fix. In this particular example, you can't even see the necklace in the stock photo because the model's dress is too busy. It's a really pretty necklace, and your customers should see that.

The only thing I am able to see from this stock collage is what NOT to wear with that necklace.



You don't need to have a degree in photography.

What did I use for the above photos?

My iPhone. I didn't use any macro lenses or other enhancements. Aimed a light off to the side (never dead-on!,) and just took the pic. It literally took only 3 minutes for the entire setup process.

My brackdrops are my couch, a piece of felt, and a felt backdrop that I made from a small yard I picked up at the craft store!

The displays? I made the one in the Fashion Fix photo by simply covering a piece of cardboard with that same felt, and lining one side's bottom with tape so it won't slip. I punched some thumb tacks into it and hung earrings and bracelet. (And the holes never show!) The necklace display came in my welcome kit. And the ring display piece in the set photo was literally 20cents from You can buy some great display items from China at a much better value than even Amazon! 

Check out the displays area to see how to make DIY displays to save cash.

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